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Health devices like those of Philo Care are now a necessity for society, whether for children or the elderly, these devices offer the most accurate status of general health conditions. Now, things are changing as these devices are being created without any installation or use difficulties for anyone. Monitor the health of your family and patients wherever you are, 24 hours a day.

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B2C solution for home telemonitoring: Uses sensors, clocks and an interactive tablet that generates automatic alerts for users, families, caregivers and doctors. Sized for Covid-19 quarantine monitoring.



B2B solution for companies that want to monitor the health of their employees and third parties. We use our accumulated experience of more than 70 years in consulting, applying the "Big Four" methodology to ensure adherence to the requirements of the corporate client.


B2B2C solution for companies and startups that already have application and telemonitoring systems and that wish to receive information captured from any wearable or sensor directly on their servers. We apply our proven experience in IoT integration and creating MVP's, in addition to academic support from institutions such as ITA and UFLA.

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