Social detachment and good practices in relation to groups at risk have saved numerous lives by avoiding contamination by Covid-19. On the other hand, it became more difficult to follow the routine of our loved ones, to know if they are following medical prescriptions, and above all, how is their physical and mental health.

We are a family owned and operated business.

We do our best to chat by video, accompany them on visits to the doctor, do pharmacy and supermarket purchases for them. However, everyone's mental health is increasingly impacted. They feel dependent and, often, with diminished privacy, and we are concerned day and night with what may be happening.

Thinking about this emerging need, and respecting the principle that the patient should be in control of his routine, we developed Philó.

Philó is a tablet that operates exclusively with our operating system, preserving the principle of simple and intuitive operation. No complicated menus or screens, just your health information, a message box that functions as a routine controller, and large communication buttons. The user will be able to consult his health information and will be reminded of each step of his routine, increasing his autonomy and self-confidence.
The communication function is easily accessible, with large, visible buttons. It is possible to carry out telemedicine consultations, and also notify the family in case of emergency

(“Panic button”).